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Established towards the end of 2010,ToupTek Photonics has dedicated itself to the research and development,as well as the marketing,of industrial imaging cameras,microscopic imaging cameras,and astronomical imaging cameras. The company has amassed a cadre of elite experts in optics,mechanics,electronics,and computer hardware and software,ensuring that each product offers results from in-house development. Furthermore,ToupTek Photonics collaborates with the world’s leading firms to provide ODM and OEM services for a variety of professional cameras,achieving notable success in photography. The company stands as a testament,practitioner,and catalyst for the evolution of the camera industry.


ToupTek Photonics has become one of the top brands in the microscope and astronomy fields,providing digital imaging solutions and services to thousands of customers. ToupTek has a perfect after-sales service platform that can provide timely and efficient technical support and after-sales service for microscopy systems,microscopic digital imaging,and astronomical imaging products.

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The success of ToupTek is a result of our thorough understanding of the requirements of every customer. These requirements help to perfect ToupTek’s products. So here we make our commitments:

Always provide excellent service to ToupTek customers;

Always provide free software updates to ToupTek customers;

Always respond to requirements from ToupTek customers;

Always treat customers as long-term partners;

Always focus on the self-development.



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ToupTek is dedicated to the advancement and application of optoelectronic technologies. Grounded in the principle of simplifying the imaging process,we endeavor to furnish our clientele with an enhanced imaging experience. We shall persist in propelling scientific and technological advancement,broadening market territories,and fostering close collaborations with international allies to collectively forge a luminous future for the optoelectronics sector.

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Semiconductor Industry

3D Inspection System: Used to improve accuracy during the inspection process for dimensional inspection and effective identification of tiny defects in finished products.

Adaptive light source management: Select appropriate light sources based on the characteristics of different semiconductor components to provide clearly resolved imaging and detection results.

Manufacturing Industry

As a basic industrial field,the machinery manufacturing industry requires high-level quality control for its ever-improving production processes. Machine vision can be used for dimensional measurement,docking accuracy detection,appearance screening of parts and finished product inspection on automated production lines. This not only improves the production efficiency of mechanical parts,but also ensures the high quality of finished products through early detection of defects.

Automotive Industry

Online measurement technology: Integrate online measurement systems on the production line to detect and adjust production links in real time.

Industrial CT scanning: Three-dimensional internal structure inspection of complex castings or welded parts to ensure the integrity and compliance of components.

Scientific Research

Modular vision system design: Provide modular machine vision components and software for the scientific research environment,allowing teachers and students to quickly build and adjust the system according to project needs.

Image processing and machine learning algorithm education kit: allows students to conduct independent learning and testing of algorithms to develop practical capabilities.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Automatic drug inspection system: Use machine vision for inspection to ensure the appearance quality and packaging integrity of drugs.

High-precision medical image analysis: Combining medical images captured by machine vision with advanced image processing algorithms to improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce false detection rates.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry,the hygiene and appearance quality of products are directly related to consumer safety. Machine vision systems can inspect food packaging integrity,identify foreign materials in products,and even analyze food color and texture to assess its quality. The automated inspection process greatly reduces manual errors and improves product quality.

Agricultural Technology Industry

Modern agricultural technology is undergoing profound changes,and machine vision plays an important role in fruit and vegetable quality analysis,planting environment monitoring,and agricultural product sorting. This technology can select fruits and vegetables based on shape,size and color grading,monitor crop growth,and automatically classify and package agricultural products,greatly improving agricultural production capacity and work efficiency.