Microscope Stand

Microscope stands constitute a pivotal element within the microscope apparatus, serving to underpin and accurately align specimens, objectives, and additional microscopic constituents.

The focusing apparatus of the microscope stand habitually employs a mechanism of high precision, such as a helical or gear system, facilitating the user's effortless modification of the objective lens's focal distance to secure exact focus upon the specimen. This precision is paramount for the acquisition of lucid visuals during microscopic examination.

Microscopic scaffolds find extensive application across a plethora of fields including biology, medicine, materials science, and industrial diagnostics. Within the realms of biology and medicine, these microscopic platforms are routinely utilized for the inspection of cells, tissue configurations, microorganisms, and the like; in the realm of materials science, they play a crucial role in the elucidation of material microstructures and characteristics; in industrial diagnostics, they are instrumental in examining surfaces and diminutive imperfections of components.

In essence, the microscope stand emerges as an integral constituent of the microscopic apparatus, with its design and functionality exerting a direct influence on the efficacy and expediency of microscopic examinations. Across diverse disciplines and application contexts, microscopy stands exhibit a variety of design and functional modifications to meet the specific requisites of varying experimental and observational endeavours.

Stand for Digital Monocular Zoom Microscope

  • The bracket can be freely matched with the base
  • Easy large-sized focusing knobs on both sides of focusing holder
  • Steel gears on focusing holder.
  • Standard size focusing holder - will fit scope heads with diameter of 50mm
  • Different size of base
  • Suitable for monocular zoom microscope
  • M-SD-HM1 Potable Microscope Stand

  • Oxidized silver aluminum alloy;
  • Stable to ensure capturing the clear video and image;
  • Overall dimensions:150mmX80mmX147mm;
  • Plate dimensions: 150mmX80mm;
  • Pole coaxial focus with51mm range;
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