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ToupTek Photonics’ portable USB microscope epitomizes a digital microscopy tool featuring moderate magnification coupled with user-friendliness. This instrument facilitates the observation of a diverse array of items including stamps, coins, insects, flora, pebbles, dermal textures, precious stones, and electronic circuitry. Furthermore, it is adept at rendering vivid examinations of conventional biological specimens at elevated magnifications.

The quality of imaging in a USB handheld microscope is contingent upon the resolution and optical prowess of its integrated camera. Cameras of high resolution yield lucid and intricately detailed visual renditions, thereby enhancing the precision with which users can scrutinize and interpret microstructures.

USB handheld microscopes serve an array of utilitarian purposes across multiple domains, namely:

  • - Education: They provide invaluable assistance in the microscopic examination of various specimens within the realms of biology, chemistry, and additional sciences, both in educational settings and laboratory environments.
  • - Industry: They are indispensable for the inspection and analytical assessment of minuscule components, circuitry, and surface anomalies.
  • - Medicine: They are instrumental in clinical applications such as dermatological assessments and the observation of pathogens.
  • - Scientific Research: They prove essential for empirical studies involving biological tissues, microorganisms, and other minute entities.
  • - Household: They are beneficial for everyday domestic uses such as the observation of pets and the inspection of plants.
  • PUM Series Portable USB Microscope

  • USB powered handheld digital microscope with continuous 10x to 280x magnification
  • Object distance-controlled zoom property
  • Single object distance, single magnification
  • Linear rotation magnification relationship
  • Object distance from 110 to 10 mm corresponding to 10x to 280x magnification
  • 5G high grade optical glass with multi-layer anti-reflection coating
  • Built-in 2MP(1920x1080) digital camera for capturing images and videos
  • 8 LED ring illuminator with adjustable illumination;
  • Use the included Windows software to capture images and videos of your discoveries. Measure your specimens with built-in measurement tool
  • Computer requirements: CD/DVD drive and USB 2.0 port. UVC plug-and-play with Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 /11 (32 & 64 bit), OSx(Mac OS X) and Linux
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