Machine Vision Lens

Compatible with 6M resolutions sensor
The minimum F# is 2.8,support the maximum 1/1.9” sensor
Super low distortion and high relative illumination
Optimized for machine vision illumination light and sensor
Smart structure, high seismic resistance, high and low temperature work stability
Multilayer broadband coating ensures high transmittance and low stray light of visible and near infrared light
Support ultra-short work distance, the different working distances are optimized to ensure the lens's optimal performance

  • Popular

    FA-A Series(1/1.9” 600 million pixels)

  • Popular

    FA-B Series(2/3” 600 million pixels)

  • Popular

    FA-C Series(1” 1000 million pixels)

  • FA-D and FA-E telecentric lens series

Interface Adapter

Convert the Olympus trinocular microscope phototube/head/port (have standard 42 mm,1.65 inch inner diameter for the insertion end to phototube) to traditional C-Mount type(25.4 mm or 1 inch diameter with 32 threads per inch), T2 mount type(M42x0.75 mm metric thread) or M52 mount type(M52x0.75mm metric thread);
With different built-in reduction lens (2.25X, 1.5X,1.2X,1X, 0.8X,0.63X, 0.5X, 0.35X) for achieving better field of view from microscope trinocular head(suitable for 2.7”, 1.8”, 4/3”, 1”, 2/3”, 1/1.8”, 1/2”, 1/2.5”, 1/3” or 1/4” inch CCD or CMOS sensor chips);
Can be installed in UIS trinocular tube such as : BX series, BX2 series, CX series, CX2 series, MX series;
Build of material: anodized aluminum;
Telecentric optics with low light deficiency;
Parfocal with different microscope objective lenses;
Diffraction limited MTF;
Aperture totally coupled with UIS microscope objective’s exit pupil;


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